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3 Concerning Furnace Noises

There may be trustworthy brands out in the market, and it’s highly recommended that your purchase from these manufacturers, but no matter where your unit comes from it’s certain that these are not resistant to damage and will ultimately need to resign from servicing consumers.

In between that time period though, these will need repairs and indicators will be present to warn us. One such indicator would be the sounds these make. Though heaters normally make noises, not all of which are to be ignored. Some will need your immediate attention and the assistance of professionals.


Rumbling noises may merely indicate an excessive build-up of dirt and particles on burners. This should be addressed quickly because if left ignored it could lead to further deterioration of your equipment.

It could however be a much more serious symptom, so it’s best not to take this lightly. This could be a result of carbon monoxide leaking which is harmful to people. To verify this you can check the flames being made by your furnace, if they are blue you are safe but other than that you might want to consider calling in a technician and vacate the area that is affected.

Grinding Metal Parts

This may also come in the form of squealing. These sounds could be brought about by components of your hardware being in a detrimental frequent contact with each other. This is commonly the result of a loose blower hitting its casing.

Don’t let this fall to deaf ears as this could lead to these parts acquiring damage whenever the heater is operated. Remember that this will then affect your finances as you will have to replace parts that could have actually been preserved if done well enough to give it the necessary care it needed.


Likened sometimes to a gunshot, this bang could startle you but don’t merely disregard it and continue on with your day once it’s over. Although it could merely be your vents shrinking and enlarging due to the temperature or operation of your HVAC, it could also be something much more pressing.

When something is delaying an ignition, gas may build-up and when it finally does ignite, it will do so with a popping sound. Excessive dirt on burners could be the culprit of this. This explosion could fracture the heat exchanger which is potentially hazardous. It’s imperative to turn off your HVAC during this situation and have a professional deal with this.

Preventive Measures

In order to prevent from the occurrence of these ordeals apply preventive measures to your system.


Subscribe to a routine maintenance session with reputable companies where they examine your heating and cooling network and make sure that it is in good condition. Have them make the needed repairs and updates for your equipment to remain in great shape.


As implied earlier, an accumulation of dust or debris is not ideal for your system and it’s best to avoid this by routinely having your HVAC cleaned by professionals. Homeowners could also purchase filters when their old ones needs to be swapped in with a brand new one.

When there’s a concern for safety, you call the police. When there’s a problem with health, you see a doctor. There’s a reason why HVAC systems require licensed technicians. If you hear one of these signs and suspect the mentioned problems, immediately call A1 Mitchell’s Heating and Cooling at (702) 755-2042. We’ll send one of our HVAC specialists right over.