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Five Ways to Prepare Your Las Vegas Home for Winter

Well, it’s still cooling off, but you should be paying close attention to the weather. The shift to a colder season means it’s the season for preparation. Are you ready to take on a harsher season? We’ve come up with a quick checklist for you to run through to see if you’ve got taken cared of what needs to be seen done.

Seal your home.

Make sure all gaps where cold drafts can pass through are properly sealed so you stay warm all season long. Include the gaps between doors and windows. Inspect the house for any loose or broken parts such as roof and window shingles and have them replaced. Clean your gutters of dust and other debris to prevent any blockage. Redirect water by installing extensions that take keep it away at least 4 feet from your home’s foundation.

Take care of the outdoor area.

Trim your trees of overgrown branches to avoid any from breaking and falling into your neighbor’s property or causing any damage. Close all outdoor faucets because running water in the freezing cold causes them to explode. Wrap your indoor pipes to prevent heat from seeping out. Clean and cover your condensing unit to protect them from getting damaged by the snow. Winterize your sprinkler system which means having compressed air blown through the pipes so they’re rid of any water. If you’re fond of gardening or farming and have an irrigation system, see to it that it’s emptied out before winter hits.

Protect your HVAC system.

Clear heating vents so air flows freely unhindered. Remove your window air conditioning units if you can and store them safely until the cold season passes. If they can’t be removed, cover them in waterproof material similar to what’s used for the condenser, especially the vents which should be closed shut.

Avoid the ice dam problem.

Have your roof professionally assessed if it has the strength to carry a heavy load of snow. You’ll never know when a bad snow storm would hit. Be certain to have your attic well-ventilated and the attic floor properly insulated. Waterproof your roof so melted snow doesn’t seep in and flow into your walls, freezing there. This non-idyllic situation is what experts call an “ice dam.”

Have a test run.

Have your heating system examined and fine-tuned to prevent any damages and breakdowns during the winter. Test run it before the first of snow arrives. Try turning it on all the way until 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If there’s blue fire going in the furnace, then you’re good to go.

These are the basics to cover when getting ready for the colder months. If you feel you’ve got them covered, there’s always something else you can add to your list of things to do. Ask your home professionals for other ways on how you can keep the cold out of your home. For more tips on preparing for the winter, particularly your HVAC system, you can contact the experts of A1 Mitchells Heating & Cooling at (702) 755-2042. You can book a free in-home assessment.