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How Working From Home Can Help Your Energy Bills

Many dream of the opportunity to work from home. After all who wouldn’t be enticed to make a living and earn money from the comfort of their couch. But with every situation there are always pros and cons. One possible con is an increase in energy bills.

Some argue that although managing a business or career in your own residence is convenient, it could also cause your utility expenses to skyrocket.This may be true but it doesn’t always have to be the case. If one tries to see things from a different point of view and are willing to make a few changes, saving money on power can be done.


This is one factor that a lot tend to overlook. The presence of a cost-conscious adult in the family will play a vital role in keeping your electricity usage low. You’ll be able to see the appliances that are used and turn off ones that aren’t.

Given their innocent nature, kids can be careless on this matter and will often leave things on even when it is no longer being utilized. Luckily you’ll be there to manage these , and soon enough they’ll learn to shut down equipment when they’re done with it.

Use A Laptop

There might be some of you who prefer desktop computers, but these consume a lot of power. On the other hand, laptops need 80% less electricity compared to their counterparts. This is because they were customized to operate without being plugged in as often.

What’s more is they are convenient to use and anything can be done through the internet nowadays. Instead of texting with your phone while you’re on your laptop, if possible, send a person a message via chat. This will minimize battery consumption of your mobile phone so you’ll have to charge it less. Applications are now offering the option to call a person too, so you can work while speaking with someone. Much more easier than holding a phone against your ear as you type along.


Sit next to a window and open its curtains to let the sunlight come in. Do this to all of them so that you won’t have to turn on your lights during the day. This will not only help you on your budget but it actually also contributes to becoming emotionally healthy.

Zoning System

If you don’t have this yet, we suggest you invest in it. Equip your HVAC with a zoning system so that you can program it to only cool or warm areas that are being used. Rooms that are unoccupied will not be serviced, so electricity consumed by your heating and cooling will only be that which is needed.

Now you can cozy up where your working at a comfortable temperature, knowing that you are able to save on cash.

Tax Incentives

This is the best part. Given that you are doing your job at home, you can declare your electricity consumption during these hours as work expense and minimize the tax you pay. This depends on your location and the government’s ruling on this so it’s important that you research on this.

When you have professional advice, you can effectively reduce your energy costs, resulting in more savings. Have a licensed technician assess your home. Set an appointment with A1 Mitchell’s Heating & Cooling today at (702) 755-2042.