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What Air Filter Is The Best?

Are you experiencing problems with your air filter? If you happen to notice it’s starting to gather dust in the furnace vents, then it’s time to have it changed. Make sure to have your furnace and AC filter replaced every few few months so it can function better. Here’s a guide on choosing the best air filter fit for your needs.

The Right Size

First and foremost, one of the things to consider when buying an air filter or any kind of equipment is the size. This is a very important factor and what you should look into when looking at different choices of air filters. Take the time to measure the layout of your kitchen, living rooms and other rooms where you plan to set up the air filter. If you happen to be using an old filter, you can measure its dimensions to help guide you, and if you happen to find a good air filter with your closest dimensions, it can be a good choice.

Different Types of Air Filters

1. High-Efficiency Air Filters
If you are looking for practicality, using a high-efficiency air filter will be the perfect use for your home’s HVAC systems. It helps eliminate air pollutants up to 85% and trap tiny bits of dirt such as dust and mold. Usually upgraded versions of high-efficiency air filters come with chemicals that eliminate tiny bacteria. Using high-efficiency air filters is a great cost-efficient budget since operating costs are lower compared to most models. If you wish to have cleaner air, curtains and furniture, then high-efficiency air filters is what to use.

2. Fiberglass Air Filters
If you need an equipment that helps improve the air quality inside your homes, a fiberglass air filter is something for you.This simple equipment is designed to help in protecting the heating and cooling equipment in your homes. It comes with a flat panel surface that helps in trapping particles and can remove less than 10% of air pollutants found at your home.

3. Pleated Air Filters
Another great choice for improved airflow inside your household is the pleated air filters. Compared to the fiberglass air filters, it removes up to 45% of air pollutants which helps provide cleaner air for your household.

MERV Rating
This stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and shows how efficient your air filter is in trapping dust particles inside your household. The worst MERV rating starts at 1 while the best reaches 16. In order to make sure that an air filter with an excellent MERV rating functions well, you also have to make sure that its HVAC system can also help in eliminating dirt flowing around the house. When it comes to the different types of air filters, a high-efficiency air filter comes with a MERV rating of 14-16, a fiberglass air filter with 1-4, while the pleated air filter comes with a rating of 10-13.

These are a few things to consider when choosing air filters. If you need further help in choosing out the best air filters suitable for your homes, don’t hesitate to contact our expert technicians. Call A1 Mitchell’s Heating and Cooling at (702) 755-2042.