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Why Your Evaporator Coil Needs To Be Updated

Your air conditioner is a standard appliance for every household in the United States. Many could hardly imagine how they could survive the summer heat without this handy instrument of cooling air. Given its importance we must learn then the ways of caring and maintaining it.

Of the many parts of this handy contraption, the evaporator coil might be the most important part of it all. Unknown to most, the air conditioner doesn’t actually produce cold air. This why it has the word “conditioner” in its name.

The Evaporator Coil’s Role

Evaporator Coil, also known as the “Evaporator Core,” has the most significant role in conditioning air. It actually contains refrigerant within it, that absorbs the heat from the air, then it spits it back right into your home already cold. Apparently cold is the absence of heat. This is why the air is cold when it is coming out of your AC.

A coil that is deficient would lead to an ineffective heat absorption, leading to an inadequate job of trying to lower temperatures in a room. This then defeats the purpose of having this kind of equipment in your home.

Risks A Damaged Evaporator May Pose

A damaged evaporator core could result in the leaking of refrigerant, also called freon. This chemical is harmful, and small doses can induce dizziness, headaches, altered heart rate, and pain in mouth, throat or eyes.

Much more severe symptoms may be prompted from large doses of freon, or long exposure to small doses of it. These may include an irritating sensation within the lungs, a burning feeling in the esophagus area, and discomfort in the stomach. Brain damage is another risk one may undergo when an individual continually does not remove themselves from the vicinity where the freon remains at large.

Signs Of A Damaged Evaporator Coil


If you were observant enough, when your AC was in good shape you would have noticed how the humidity declined when it was operating. This is because these types of appliances decreases the moisture in the air.

If you find that the atmosphere is more humid than usual when the air conditioner is turned on, then this is a possible indicator for a broken evaporator core.

Leaking Water

An impaired core tends to accumulate frost. One this melts it results into large amounts of water leaking outside the unit. Be wary and vigilant of water around your unit or if your model is dripping a lot.

Hot Air

If the AC is dispensing hot air, this is a red flag. Remember that the evaporator coil is responsible for converting warm air to cold. Air that is not frigid in nature, being released from your system should be alarming.

When problems from your heating and cooling system arise, be sure to contact a reputable and well-established HVAC company for check-ups and repairs to be made. With the right company, you’ll be able to get the best out of your money and be back on track for a well functioning heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system at your home. Call A1 Mitchell’s Heating and Cooling for all your HVAC needs at (702) 755-2042.