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Is Your Home Properly Insulated For Las Vegas Weather?

When the weather gets chilly in Las Vegas, it’s high time to make sure we can stay warm. Insulation can help keep your household warm, but there are times that the insulation applied doesn’t fully work. If you feel like you’re not getting enough warmth at home, do not spend extra money on added insulation. Take note that when your house is not insulated properly, it can cause health issues and an increase on your utility bill. Here are some signs if your home in Las Vegas not properly insulated.

Increase In Energy Usage

When you suddenly notice a drastic increase in your bills, this is the cause of poor insulation. If you cannot seem to figure out why, you can check bills from the previous years to compare how  your bills increased in time. With proper insulation you won't have to depend completely on your heaters running 24/7 to keep the entire house warm. Insulation is a cost-friendly option that would help you save on your monthly electricity expenses.

Varied Temperatures Or Comfortability Across Rooms

There are some instances where you feel like your bedroom is at its perfect temperature, but when you enter the kitchen you feel a tinge of cold. When there’s one room that’s too hot and another room that’s too cold, this shows that some areas in your home isn’t properly insulated. If you happen to feel drafts, then that’s another effect of bad insulation. If your home doesn’t have proper insulation, the movement of warm and cold air isn’t properly controlled and directed.

Cold Floor, Ceiling And Walls

Your home’s structure is another meter of proper insulation. When surfaces like your floor, ceiling and walls are cold to the touch, it could be a sign of insulation problems.

Sudden Drafts

When it gets cold in Las Vegas, poor insulation can lead to cold air suddenly entering indoors. Drafts can easily pass through windows and doorways so make sure those are properly sealed come wintertime. That way you won't wake up to sudden chills inside your homes.

Ice Dams On The Roof

In the unlikely chance it snows in Las Vegas, there is a possibility that ice dams will form on the roof if the house is not properly insulated. They result from the melting of snow on the roof. The liquid then trickles into your gutters where they solidify and expand. These are serious problems for a home as they damage your gutters which may lead to leakage. Repairs due to ice dams are costly.


Proper insulation protects the health of your family from the cold and your wallet from avoidable, unexpected costs. To keep your homes insulated for the cold weather of Las Vegas, ask your local technician to help keep your roof, floor and walls insulated. Stay warm when the cold comes! Call A1 Mitchell’s Heating and Cooling at (702) 755-2042 for affordable and professional HVAC services. We also cater to emergency calls during winter to ensure you and your family are safe.